Word connection Business Consulting was created on basis of vision to be constantly developing company in the area of providing services in business sphere, which still looks for new areas of realization. By providing our services we want to get your recognition and offer you high quality services, which you need for your business. Our goal is firstly quick, and profesional solution of clients demands, which we deem as only way to have satisfied clients.

Company BDPS s.r.o., which operates and provides services through internet domain www.businessconsulting.sk, which is built mainly for firms, newly established or already well established. We offer services, which should serve mainly for simplifying obligation important for business, we provide for example: office house, renting of conference room, that means our main specialization is service of providing office house ( post address – virtual office) for firms. Virtual office, in other words „Office House“ and conference room are provided in Bratislava. Bratislava is suitable business area, connected with many business opportunities.

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