We will provide professional accounting service for you, while you run your business.

Main focus of accounting service is to unburden your company from activities, which should be done by professionals. Offered service we provide through outsourcing done by profesional wage and tax advisors, and as well forwarding responsibility on the allied company. Service package, which we can provide includes simple entry accounting, double entry accounting, wages and wage accounting and also tax return from, taxes and VAT.

Price negotiable, depends on clients requirements

Accounting services can be provided for corporations with office house in whole Slovak republic. Outsourcing company has on the market 10 years of experience not only with profesional accounting services and tax legislation, but also with organizational guidance for establishment cancellation and running businesses and their branches. Every company will receive their own accountant, who will be always available. Our goal is to secure your satisfaction and fluency of your business in sense of valid Slovak legislation.

If you are interested in our offer, do not hesitate to contact us, here.