Have you decided to establish a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and you want to part with professional team with knowledge of Slovak legislation?

Establishment of a Limited Liability Company (LLC), for 249,00 €

Establishment of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is relatively complicated process, which requires knowledge of corresponding legal regulations. Providing all required documents we save your time and all administration connected to establishment we make for you.

In the service of Establishment of a Limited Liability Company is included:

  • Initiall consullting action, t.i. consultation about picking right and vacant business name, consultation about picking vacant, handicraft or bound sole proprietorship
  • complete elaboration all required documents
  • filling/pickin up all documents in state institutions
  • after company establishment – sending of complete documentation

Establishment of a Limited Liability Company we prepare on the key and only one meeting is required. At the first meeting you provide all yours expectations and requirements, you give us yours data and within 48 hours we send you complete prepared documentation. You wil only have to take care of visit of notary eventually register, where you can get verified your signature. You send us documents after their verification. After receiving all documents we will take care of all obligations and right after delivery of decision about registration of Limited Liability Company we will send you listing from business register (BRSR) and by doing this is your new company ready and you can start business.

From 01.01.2016 occurred more changes in Slovak legislation, which were due to novelty of Commercial code. For overview and more information we suggest this vocational article.

If you decided to establish a Limited Liability Company with us, do not hesitate to contact us.