Have you decided to start own business, set up own corporation and you need headquarters? We in BC Business Consulting offer you a solution. Virtual office in Bratislava.

Virtual office in Bratislava (Register headquarters) is increasingly more popular form of securing corporations headquarters, which is known in Slovak body of laws, as office house.

Service Virtual office in Bratislava consists from providing service of Office house, which means situate your company to address, which we provide and operate BC Business Consulting. With establishment of our service virtual office in Bratislava you save considerable amount of money, which would you spend for rent and would cost significant funds to run office spaces in Bratislava. Address, which we provide will not serve as your office, that means that you are not present in reality, but will serve you as your post address, in other words Virtual office.

Service Virtual office in Bratislava we provide in following location: Bratislava – Ružinov

BC Business Consulting with service Virtual office in Bratislava offers convenient presentation of your company in our offices. In this matter you get for your company headquarters, which will present your company in our spaces, and which is from legal reasons inevitable for existence of any corporation. As a part of establishment of virtual office we offer: mail box label, regular reception and notification about received mail deliveries at address picked by you and also possible to accept mail delivery personally. Minimize your costs and also reside in representative real estate in Bratislava.

Advantages of service Virtual office in Bratislava :

  • usage is suitable for new/existing (slovak, eventually foreign) companies, which do not need own office to perform their entrepreneurial activity
  • it decreases operational costs because fee for office house is significantly lower than renting own office and next investment into equipment, or personal costs needed to run the office
  • clients from small cities have the opportunity to have their companies office at prestigious address in Bratislava
  • in set of services client receives services, which include besides office for example reception and depository of documents, services of sending documents at selected address, notification about received documents or scan of received mails

If you are interested in service Virtual office in Bratislava, do not hesitate to contact us.